SEO and Search Ranking

Any Idea How Many Searches Are Made Daily Using Google? 

Is your law firm easily found within those 3.5 billion searches? If not, it's time to learn about Search Engine Optimization, the secret to the order in which your website appears in search results. SEO (as it's commonly known) is complied organically without including paid ads.

Please Explain SEO


Search Engine Optimization is the means of customizing the content of your law firm's site and business listings. This customized content is then considered by Google (and other search engines) when determining the order in which sites appear in search results.


You will find that consumers don't spend time scrolling through pages and pages of search results before choosing a lawyer. However, this shouldn't be the only motivation to want your law firm listed on the first page. Law firms displayed on the first page of search results are also considered to be the best quality.


Let's take this idea to the next level.


Google reports that 70% attention is given to the top five results in searches. Amazingly, 75% of the top five search results can lead to an in-person meeting within 24 hours, primarily if they are found on a mobile device.


For instance, a consumer is searching for legal help. When they search online, your firm is among the top five results. The person then selects your site to confirm that it meets their requirements. They then research your practice to verify its reputation. Finally, they will enter your address into their GPS and head to your office.


Be On Top Or Miss Out


Any ideas on how to get on top?



Leverage the power of SEO and make your law firm more searchable by potential clients.