Benefits of Digital Marketing

What is the amount of time you devote to the internet daily? Many people confess that they spend much of their day online. Your law firm should also be online to connect with these people.


Marketing Strategy - Traditional


Traditional marketing is simplistic. A business must promote a product/service to secure sales. The business will then develop ways to promote the product or service through traditional media avenues like radio, TV, and highway billboards. The business receives inquiries from interested customers asking for the product or services after the media avenues present them.


Let's take this traditional strategy a little further.


  • Radio broadcasts your service's promotional campaign.
  • A listener to the radio might need legal aid.
  • That same listener hears your campaign on the radio, understanding you can help them.
  • That listener then contacts your law firm using the number provided in the campaign.
  • Your law firm meets with the listener, and your firm is hired.


The traditional strategy creates many obstacles to locating and securing new clients. Your firm will be waiting around for a listener not only to hear your promotion but to hear it right when they need legal aid.


Marketing Strategy - Digital


Digital marketing allows you to promote your products and services in a new way without going through traditional obstacles. Your law firm can even use digital marketing to send ads directly to those most likely to require your services.




Yes, really. This is known as Search Marketing.


Search marketing allows law firms to direct their promotional campaigns at people searching for legal aid. It's much more efficient to send ads to people already looking for legal aid than waiting for them to find it.


Let's take the digital strategy a little further:

  • A person requires legal aid.
  • That person searches for a law firm online that specializes in their required area of legal practice.
  • Your law firm is discovered at the top of the Google results.
  • The person will evaluate your error-free legal listing.
  • Your law firm meets with the person, and your firm is hired.


There are many other advantages to digital marketing. Buying search ads of your rivals allow you to target their search terms, turning their clients into yours!


However, to really understand your return on investment, don't miss out on digital marketing analytics. Analytics examine the effectiveness of your promotional campaign based on clicks vs. engagements.