Upgrading your Subscription

Are you looking to improve the findability of your El Paso Law Firms' legal listing? Then think about upgrading your marketing subscription now!


Sign In to Your El Paso Law Firms Account


Signing into El Paso Law Firms is the first step. Go to "Sign In" in the top menu, enter your login information, and click the sign-in button.



Find Your Active Legal Listing


Your El Paso Law Firms dashboard is where you will find your active legal listings. First, click user and dashboard from the homepage. Then go to "Listings" from the left-side navigation. And select the listing name (not edit listing) to continue.



Re-Claim Your Active Legal Listing


Click on "Claim Listing," found under your name and address once in the listing. You will then be redirected to the El Paso Law Firms marketing subscriptions page.


Evaluate Your Marketing Subscription Options


Here you can evaluate the marketing subscriptions and decide the appropriate plan for your legal practice. Next, choose "Select This Plan" from the per month or per year subscription box of your choice.



Upgrade to the Marketing Subscription Plan


El Paso Law Firms makes it easy and safe to remit payment for your selected subscription plan. Before proceeding with payment, ensure the appropriate plan and payment option are listed. Next, press the "Pay with Card" button.



Finally, enter your email address and credit card before proceeding to "Pay."


The team at El Paso Law Firms is available should you need further assistance.