Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Social Media – Where You Need To Be


Did you know there are more than three billion daily social media users worldwide? You read that right - BILLION. What about your law firm? Are you one of these billions using social media daily? It's a smart move if you aren't, especially if you want to be more visible.


There is not just one way to use social media. Businesses and consumers alike use social media for building relations. Many also use it for entertainment or to keep up with the latest sensations. Moreover, social media is helpful to find out about businesses like your law firm.


Your law firm should be creating regular social media posts with compelling and valuable content to develop and strengthen a following. There are more options for social media than you might think.  TwitterFacebook, and Instagram are a few biggies but don't stop there. While posting to as many social media sites as possible increases your visibility, it also increases your workload. Or does it?  


Sample Social Media Content For Your Law Firm


What type of content should your law firm post on social media? Here are some suggestions:


  • Sharing recent publications and upcoming news
  • Address frequently asked questions, including your responses
  • Provide links to new laws or previous case studies
  • Suggest helpful hints for case preparation
  • Broadcast case wins
  • Post about your firm's history
  • Take interactive opinion polls


It can be tricky for clients to maneuver through the legal system. Social media allows law firms to market themselves and build relations. These relations will make it easier for clients to choose your firm.


Understand Your Firm's Social Impact


Social media has one primary purpose: to increase your law firm's visibility while building your online reputation. Bland content will not help you succeed. Getting consumers to return to your website often with appealing content is the way to go.


However, it's not just social media content that should concern you. Understanding your social impact is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Measure your online performance via social media analytics and user tracking and learn how many views you have per post.


Additionally, don't overlook social media influencers' positive impact on products and businesses. Connecting with influencers can make your online presence explode due to their vast number of followers.