Marketing your Legal Practice with your Website

8 Seconds - the time it takes for your website to grab a user's attention!

Your website is the cyber door to your law firm. Does your reception desk contain friendly staff? Your website should reflect the same friendly atmosphere when visitors log in to your website.


Speedy Website Plus Compatible with Mobile Devices


With just eight seconds, your website must be speedy as well as attention-grabbing and informative (i.e., NAP). And if that's not enough, people also want compatibility with their mobile devices, not just computers. If they are unable to reach your website via their mobile device, people will move to the next law firm in the search results.


You Can Lose a Prospective Client That Quickly?


You bet. People have 24/7 access to your website, unlike your firm. Don't let your law firm lose business during non-business hours!


Upgrade the Experience for Your Prospective Client 


Do not stop at an engaging and responsive website. Next, add the informative details your prospective clients demand. Tell your story. People want to know who will be representing them.


Unsure what informative details your clients demand? Here are a few suggestions.


  • Firstly, add your NAP (Name, Address, Phone)
  • Then, move to practical details like business hours, directions, and areas of legal practice.
  • Next, offer insight with client reviews, history, attorney bios, and highlight how your firm stands out.
  • Finally, provide a section where they can schedule a consultation.

Your Law Firm's Website Equates to YOU Online.


Design a website that will make a lasting impression for your law firm.