Creating Your Listing

Getting started marketing your law practice in El Paso with the El Paso Law Firms Legal Directory is easy. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to set up your profile.

First, search our El Paso lawyer database using your first and last name to see if you already have a basic profile listed. If you do, you can click "claim listing" to claim this listing.

Claim Your Listing on El Paso Law Firms

You will need to create an account and be approved by the El Paso Law Firms website administrator before getting access to the listing.

If you do not have a profile or if you have claimed your listing and been approved, you can proceed with the next steps.

Creating a Listing to Edit

Click on "List your Practice Today!" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 

List Your Practice Today with El Paso Law Firms

You will be taken to an account creation page to set up an account.

Create Your Account on El Paso law Firms

Once you have your account set up, click "create listing"

Create Listing on El Paso Law Firms


Next, you will be taken to the edit profile page where you will enter all of the information about your practice.


Entering Map and Geolocation Information into Your Profile

Mapping Information on El Paso Law Firms

At the top of this page is the mapping section of your profile. This area is extremely important as this geolocated information is used to show your clients how to find you in El Paso.

You can click on the search button on the top right of the map of El Paso and enter your street address, or you can zoom out, drag the map to your area and then zoom back in to get to the precise street.

Click on the map to drop a pin, showing the exact location of your law practice in El Paso.

Entering Practice Information

As you scroll down the page, you will now start filling in your name and firm information into the profile.

Enter Your profile information on El Paso Law Firms

Starting from the top you can enter:

Full Name

Enter your name here. Don't forget to use your professional prefix if you have one or add your credentials at the end (such as ESQ) if desired.

Firm Name

Enter the name of your firm here. Keep the name consistent with how your practice is named in Google My Business and other directory websites such as the Yellow Pages or Yelp. Scan your location to see how your information is currently displayed in El Paso on the internet HERE.


Upload your law firm's logo here. You can also upload a headshot instead of a logo which is a nice touch.

Address Fields

Completely fill out the address fields. If you are in a specific neighborhood (Montoya Heights is an example), enter this information along with cross streets to help your clients find your office. Important note: when filling out the "City" section, just type the first few letters of El Paso and then select it from the pop-up.

Contact Numbers

The El Paso Law Firms legal directory provides several different ways clients can contact you by telephone. Those numbers include regular telephone, fax, and Whatsapp.

Adding Descriptions, Links, Social Media Profiles, and Office Hours

Continuing to scroll down the edit profile page, you get to the description area, where you can add detailed descriptions of your law firm, approach, and how you operate. Use the "Short Description" field to write a blurb about yourself and then save the "Description" area for additional detail.

Adding Descriptions and Links to your Profile

In the digital contact area, add your email, website (don't forget to add HTTP:// or HTTPS:// to the beginning of your web address), and social media profiles. Copy the entire profile address into the fields.

Moving down the page, add your office hours.

Enhanced Media

In the enhanced media section, you can add up to 15 pieces of enhanced media, either photos or videos. This is your opportunity to show off your firm to potential clients.

Adding enhanced Media to your Profile

After entering all of your information into the profile, "submit" or "save changes" to save your listing.

How does it look?

After entering all of the information, you can take a look at the profile and see how the contact information, mapping, and enhanced media are displayed to potential clients.

Complete Profile on El Paso Law Firms

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