Claiming your Listing

El Paso Law Firms recognizes the importance of correct listings that make finding you and your law firm easy. To maintain this correctness, we require that a listing be claimed by the individual concerned before allowing updates.


Complete your profile after claiming your listing to increase your El Paso Law Firms listing exposure. Follow these steps to get started.


Create or Sign in to Your El Paso Law Firms Account


Start by selecting "Sign in" from the El Paso Law Firms homepage top menu.



Type in your username and password, then click "sign in" to log into your existing El Paso Law Firms account.


If you aren't an existing El Paw Law Firms user, you need to create an account. Select "Register" to the right of "Need an Account?" to be redirected. On the Create an Account page, enter your name, valid email address, and click "Register."



Locate Your Current Listing


Once logged in, you need to search the El Paso Law Firms legal directory for your current listing. Enter your name in the homepage search bar and select "Search."



You can also create a new listing in El Paso Law Firms if you are unable to locate your current listing.


Choose Your Current Listing From Search Results


The El Paso Law Firms legal directory will present the results which either match or closely match the name you entered in the search bar. Once found, click on your name to proceed.



Claim Your Current Listing


You will see "Claim Listing" under your name and address. Click on this to view the marketing plans.  



Determine Your Marketing Plan


There are three types of marketing plans, each with a per month or per year payment option. Compare and determine the appropriate plan for your law firm. Then click "select this plan" in the correct box. 



Payment for Marketing Plan


El Paso Law Firms offers secure payments by using Stripe. Before you click on "Pay with card," make sure to double-check the details of your chosen plan and payment options.



Then, enter your credit card details and a valid email. Click "Pay" to complete your payment.



Finalize Verification with Administrator


The administrators of El Paso Law Firms receive a notification when a claim request has been submitted. We will, in turn, contact you to complete a few additional steps of the verification process.


Once verified, your new El Paso Law Firms listing will become active and ready for updating.  


If you need assistance, contact us anytime.